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Intelligization means the whole process of digitizing all your data, changing the processes in your team and exploring new possibilities and innovative business concepts thanks to digital data. Intelligization means converting your business into the digital century.

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We are a successful integrator
of battle solutions for tax fraud.

We designed a Track & Trace anti-counterfeiting solution that enables individual products to be tracked throughout the supply chain, from production to the end consumer, and help the manufacturers and governments to significantly reduce counterfeiting and subsequently prevent fraudulent behavior.

With our digital tools and information system, we are set out to fight the illicit trade, bring more automation and AI to this battle to predict the next steps of intentional tax evaders and in the end, bring the public and the private sector closer together through brand protection.

Although it is impossible to stop people from trying to commit tax fraud, thanks to intelligization it is possible to give governments a bulletproof tax control system. We want governments around the world to be the trendsetters in IT innovations, rather than adjusting to the progress in the private sector.

However, governments in both developed and developing countries often lack the tools to implement efficient tax collecting solutions. That is why we are dedicated to creating flawless automatic processes that improve people’s lives with the help of data digitization and digitalization.

Our mission
We want to create processes that improve people’s lives around the globe thanks to digital data. We strive to deliver exceptionally high-quality solutions both in appearance and content.

Always dealing with our clients and our colleagues in a fair and ethical manner; gaining trust through our actions.


The value we place on our ability to develop leaders and the need to continually grow our technical expertise to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated clients.


Encompass the concept of quality in everything we do, having a service-mindset when dealing with clients and demanding a lot of ourselves.


Employing and nurturing staff with a passion for providing the highest-level quality service to our clients.

What we do

Business consulting

Our consulting services consist mainly of providing our knowledge and expertise in the areas of tax and customs administration in EU countries.

Process improvement

We help companies improve their processes by delivering innovative solutions that eliminate their problems and prevent new ones from arising.

IT consulting

We create IT strategies for companies that help them achieve their strategic goals, optimize and digitize their business processes.

Software Development

We create software solutions in the fields of healthcare, insurance, tax fraud prevention and others for both the public and private sector.

We are
at the beginning
of something great.
2,2 billion

By June 2018 over 2 billion tax stamps have been printed through our solution. In 1 small European country.

11,8 million +

More than 11,800,000 validated cash receipts were issued through the Virtual Cash Register system.

+3,7 billion €

Thanks to our solutions, the state budget of one small European country was increased by € 3,7 billion.

$ 1000 billion

Counterfeiting is a trillion dollar problem worldwide. This is our challenge.

What we did for
Goverments & the Public sector

Customs & tax inspections

Alladin Control

With the help of digital data, Alladin Control contributes to creating an environment where committing tax frauds is easily discoverable. Best practice demonstrates that a significant increase can be achieved in the efficiency and effectiveness of all types of tax and customs controls performed in the field when using digital equipment for conducting and recording inspections.

Tax stamp counterfeit prevention

Alladin Stamp

Alladin Stamp introduces a completely digital and electronic manifestation of the printing process, expenditures, distribution and tracking of tax stamp goods. It contains several modules which cover the entire lifecycle of a tax stamp from its printing through distribution to the manufacturer, to the final disposal of unused or defective tax stamps.

Virtual cash register

Alladin Receipt

A multiplatform solution that provides business owners with an intuitive and user-friendly digital solution to issue, print or record all cash receipts and transactions. Businesses have the option of using the free mobile or web application for Virtual Cash Registers on any smart or computer device.

Track and Trace Tobacco & Alcohol


Counterfeiting is an organized system, which is difficult to mitigate if not stopped in an early stage. It is therefore critical for companies to take proactive steps to maintain revenue, the credibility and the goodwill of their brand. Origuard allows consumers to verify products and report suspicious ones as well as store extended merchandising data about the products that did not fit on the packaging in a cloud database. All thanks to digital data.

Healthcare management

Health Insurance Company

This solution acts as a digital health insurance card. Thanks to this app, the insured doesn’t have to bring their insurance card, and in case of health problems abroad, it is easy for the insurer to show the doctor their medical data in English. An important plus is the SOS First Aid feature, which enables the insurer to call a fast health service to the exact address.

Artificial Intelligence

Video Chatbot

We are creating a solution that serves as a virtual companion for the elderly who often feel lonely or sad. By using artificial intelligence and voice synthesis, we are able to create a digital avatar that the elderly can talk to and share their problems with. This helps them feel less alone and improves their mental health.
What we did for
Private companies & Start-ups

Track and Trace

ID Issuer

ID ISSUER is the proven solution for the services based on the EU legislation. TPD regulates the manufacture, packaging and sale of tobacco products. According to the new TPD, manufacturers, importers and retailers must have introduced the new traceability system for tobacco products by 20 May 2019.

Paperless office

Document Digitizing Startup

This startup company simplifies and clarifies document management by digitizing said documents. We created a solution that enables people to have their documents with them at all times without having to carry around papers.


Medical Startup

This simple and modern mobile system for patients and their GPs increases the quality level of health care. Both web and mobile apps provide an opportunity to consult patients health problems with their GP online without having to visit their office.


Multinational Insurance Companies

The apps that we created for the field employees of two major insurance companies help streamline and coordinate the work of the company's employees and simplify their access to information. There is no need for using paper documents, all information can be found in a digital form in the apps.


Hockey Club

We’ve created a mobile app for the fans of a large European ice hockey club. The fans will find everything they need in the app, from buying e-tickets through live text commentary of games and game schedule to detailed statistics and useful information about parking. More than 20 thousand fans have downloaded the app on two mobile platforms.


Restaurant Chain

We created this app for a large European restaurant chain. It represents a loyalty card that the customer can use to collect points, which can be converted to numerous benefits and discounts. The app also contains a list of all restaurants from this chain as well as an overview of current deals and benefits and a calendar of current and upcoming events.
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Not only are we incredibly driven to solve all types of tax collection issues, but we will do it in the smartest way, with the latest technology and a team of extraordinary professionals.